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Welcome to the experts of card issuing in the 21 century, we have masterpiece technologies and unique experience in creating any cards, that your imagination can create.

  • Payroll/Salary
  • Business Prepaid
  • Business Travel Prepaid
  • Business Promotion and Incentives
  • Everyday Money
  • Reloadable Card Program
  • Consumer Gift
  • Consumer Travel
  • Premium Travel - Platinum

White Labels:

For the cards solutions we would offer our fully customized proposal with your own unique design or our standard design and a full-featured internet bank that would have mirroring balances with your system and client accounts in the internet bank. Brief card specification: EVM chip, magnetic stripe, embossed or not personalised and web-based Cardholder Self Service.

We offer the full cycle starting from issuing the cards and up to personalisation and delivery.


Pricing Plans:

1. Production of payment cards
Cost Type
Price per card
Plastic Production
Plastic cost
3,720.00 GBP
1.85 GBP
Design cost
255.00 GBP
0.25 GBP
Delivery to printing office
700.00 GBP
0.45 GBP
Additional MC symbol foiled
Whole plastic Production costs
4,562.00 GBP
2.55 GBP
Plastic Personalization
760.00 GBP
0.38 GBP
Pin Printing
0.00 GBP
0.00 GBP
Packaging to envelope
202.00 GBP
0.10 GBP
Decta issue fee
811.00 GBP
0.40 GBP
Decta service feeinfrastructure
1,100.00 GBP
0.55 GBP
Cardaq infrastructure
715.00 GBP
0.35 GBP
New BIN project MC (3500 GBP)
3,000.00 GBP
0.00 GBP
New project with existing
0.00 GBP
0.00 GBP
Whole personalization costs
6,505.00 GBP
1.77 GBP
Total Amount
11,067.00 GBP
4.30 GBP
Variable costs
Delivery to recipient
attached pricelist
HSU TOOL (one time fee)
Monthly stock fee per 1000 cards
84.50 GBP
Small Batch (less than 100 cards)
4.22 GBP
2. Card issuing fees
Project administration fee
10,560.00 GBP
Purchases fee Domestic
0.25 GBP
Purchase fee International
0.43 GBP
Cash withdrawal bank and bank ATM (Domestic currency)
1.50 GBP
Cash withdrawal bank and bank ATM (International currency)
1.70+1% GBP
Fee for accessing account balance in other bank ATM
0.60 GBP
Currency exchange surcharge
Monthly cost for platform
845.00 GBP
Monthly card servicing
0.85 GBP
Company Card account monthly servicing fee
4.20 GBP
Card reissuance (in case of loss / damage)
12 - 36 months
Commission for loading card Account
3. Card issuing program fees
POS Single Transaction LIMIT
> 8,450.00 GBP
POS Daily Spend Limit
> 8,450.00 GBP
ATM Single Withdrawal Limit
590.00 GBP
ATM Daily Withdrawal (5 trx. Per Day)
2,955.00 GBP
Monthly Load Limit
> 84,455.00 GBP
Maximum Card Balance
> 850,000 GBP